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April 2014

Whyalla angler, Gavin Schroeder, has taken out the city's 23rd Australian Snapper Championship at Easter with a 12.84kg fish and held the top spot on the leader board from day two of the competition.

An 11.96kg snapper caught by local angler Tony Spackman finished in second place.

Local female angler Teagan Sammut was the leader at the end of day one with her 11.30kg Snapper pulled in on Friday night and she finished the competition in third place. Teegan also took out the Bob Buckton Memorial Award for the heaviest snapper caught by a female. In addition to Teegan's effort a few of the other female anglers showed their prowess. Local Candice Smith hooked her very first snapper and weighed in at 11.30kg finishing in fifth place.

The heaviest snapper caught by a Junior this year weighed in at 10.32kg and that honour was awarded to Cameron Lemmers.

Over 40 teams were again registered this year with top honours going to the “Swag Kings” comprising Darrell Murray, Jo-Anne Broad, Andrew Sammut and Cameron Lemmers bringing home a combined weight of 39.12kg.

Unlike last year when winds kept many boats on shore for much of Good Friday, conditions were vastly different with most of the 180 plus boats in the water, and a similar story unfolding for the entire three-day event. Day one was certainly a quiet day for snapper fishing, with fishing reports running true to form – indicating that the snapper would be hard to find.

This year's champion took home $5,000 cash, around $2,000 of fishing equipment and the event's famous trophy. The runner-up received $2,500 and an estimated $1,000 of fishing tackle, with third place $1,000 cash and $500 of equipment.

Around 150 prizes valued at more $50,000 had been distributed by the time the presentation ceremony was over.

2014 Results

Top 10 heaviest snapper:

12.82kg Gavin Schroeder, Whyalla
11.96kg Tony Spackman, Whyalla
11.64kg Teegan Sammut, Whyalla
11.38kg Neville McMullen, Whyalla
11.30kg Candice Smith, Whyalla
11.16kg Alex Jaritz, Whyalla
11.14kg Matt Holmes, Whyalla
10.82kg Michael Lucas, Glenelg East
10.82kg Ron Durdin, Whyalla
10.48kg Manfred Jaritz, Whyalla

Team section:

1st : SWAG KINGS, Darrell Murray, Jo-Anne Broad, Andrew Sammut and Cameron Lemmers. Total 39.12kg.

2nd : STEEL CITY REDS, Hans Jaritz, Anna Harkins, Manfred Jaritz and Brian Hallett. Total 37.96kg.

3rd : SOMETHING OLD SOMETHING NEW, Andrew Durdin, Ron Durdin, Clinton Kassebaum and Sam Kassebaum. Total 35.46kg.

Bob Buckton Memorial Award for the heaviest snapper caught by a female

Teegan Sammut 11.64, Whyalla.

Mystery weight snapper (30):

8.2kg Richard Janson, Cranbourne Vic; 3.65kg Martin Riley, Port Augusta; 1.576kg Neil Hotchin, Whittington Vic; 1.18kg Bryan Gatto, Davoren Park; 1.045kg Kathy D'Arcy, Sefton Park; 8.5kg Adam Giddings, Whyalla; 8.08kg Allen McMullen, Whyalla; 2.042kg Shannon Ellis, Stirling North; 1.589kg Wayne Barry, Batesford Vic; 1.799kg Christopher Dawson, Glenelg South; 10.82kg Michael Lucas, Glenelg East; 10.02kg Jo-Anne Broad, Whyalla; 9.74kg Ben Stone; Whyalla; 9.06kg Jack Virgo, Whyalla; 6.1kg Sam Kassebaum, Whyalla; 2.03kg David Gill, Port Augusta; 1.608kg Grantleigh Phillis, Whyalla; 1.215kg Dylan Carpenter, Whyalla; 1.05kg Kevin Hewett, Gawler South; 1.471kg Olivia Larcombe, Whyalla; 10.18kg Mark Burk, Whyalla; 8.68kg Steve Stone, Whyalla; 8.04kg Phillip Datson, Whyalla; 2.043kg Frank Zarnotal, Hallett Cove; 1.381kg Annie Larcombe, Whyalla; 8.69kg Brian Murphy, Whyalla; 1.691kg Mick Hayden, Christies Beach; 9.12kg Michael Liddy, Whyalla; 8.06kg Anna Harkins, Whyalla; 9.84kg Dan Oberthur, Whyalla.

Heaviest snapper caught by a junior:

Cameron Lemmers (10.32kg), Aberfoyle Park (SA)

Junior snapper encouragement awards (4):

Zak Moretti (1.654kg) Sefton Park (SA); Matthew Poschkens (.926kg) Whyalla; Tom Fischer (7.94kg) Whyalla; Abbey Moretti (.942kg) Sefton Park (SA)

Boat owners' random draws:

Nathan Torzyn, Paralowie; Andrew Meyers, Stirling North; Allan Slater, Whyalla; Dale Ryan, Port Augusta; Tim Doyle, Port Lincoln; Mark Burk, Whyalla; Des Clarke, Salisbury Downs; Andrew Durdin, Whyalla; Robert Lehman, Whyalla; Andrew Sammut, Whyalla.

Other Species


Mystery weight:

Garfish: Adult - Christopher Dawson, Glenelg South. Jnr - Mathew Poschkens, Whyalla.
Leather Jacket: Adult - Brian Stringer, Whyalla. Jnr - Alex Stamoulis, Whyalla.
Salmon: Adult - Nathan Sleep, Whyalla. Jnr - Alex Stuppos, Whyalla.
Snook: Adult - Jamie Spackman, Burra. Jnr - Jayden Spackman, Whyalla.
Tommy Rough: Adult - Cathy Daniels, Whyalla. Jnr - Tia Thompson, Whyalla.
Whiting: Adult - Robert Pannell, Port Augusta. Jnr - Jessica Vines, Whyalla.


Trumpeter: Adult - 980gms, Jason Whitaker, Port Augusta. Jnr - 813gms (tie) Will Sheasby, Whyalla & David Vines, Whyalla.
Blue crab: Adult - 54cm, Simone Martin, Darlington (SA). Jnr - 52.8cm, Luke Marinkovich, Whyalla.


Mystery weight:

Garfish: Adult - Grantleigh Phillis, Whyalla. Jnr - Sarah Page, Whyalla.
Leather Jacket: Adult - Barry Sleep, Whyalla. Jnr - Nicola Tonkin, Whyalla.
Salmon: Adult - Joey Wilson, Whyalla. Jnr - Ebony Sleep, Whyalla.
Snook: Adult - Allen McMullen, Whyalla. Jnr - Nil.
Tommy Rough: Adult - Annie Larcombe, Whyalla. Jnr - Laura Brown, Whyalla.
Whiting: Adult - Calvin Wright, Trott Park, SA. Jnr - Brody Broekx, Whyalla.


Trumpeter: Adult - 209gm, Jai Sutton, Whyalla. Jnr - 221gm, Hannah Lehman, Whyalla.
Blue crab: Adult - 54.8cm, Alistair MacKenzie, Seacombe Gardens (SA). Jnr - 55.2cm, Daniel Marinkovich, Whyalla.


Mystery weight:

Garfish: Adult - Sue Evans, Williamstown, SA. Jnr - Sarah Page, Whyalla.
Leather Jacket: Adult - Dimitris Hnarakis, Hampton Park (VIC). Jnr - Will Thompson, Whyalla.
Salmon: Adult - Jordan Linnett, Glenelg South, SA. Jnr - Nil.
Snook: Adult - Peter Gill, Elizabeth Downs, SA. Jnr - Jaylee Daniels, Whyalla.
Tommy Rough: Adult - Bradley Page, Whyalla. Jnr - Lucy Broekx, Whyalla.
Whiting: Adult - Kevin Hewett, Gawler South, SA. Jnr - Ryan Healey, Whyalla.


Trumpeter: Adult - 633gms Matthew Sleep, Whyalla. Jnr - 193gm, Daniel Marinkovich, Whyalla.
Blue crab: Adult - 66.3cm, Nathan Myers, Whyalla. Jnr - 58.9cm, Paul Barton, Whyalla.